Kiosk Consumer Application
Tablet/Mobile Phone Program

A tablet or mobile phone based instant win/sweepstakes promotion designed to incentivize consumers to visit a store location weekly for a chance to win. Instant win prizes are awarded throughout the week and participants receive one entry into a weekly or monthly sweepstakes drawing. The parameters of the program can be determined by the client based on the promotion goals and one popular setup is described below.

In a typical thirty day promotion, participants are allowed one play per week. They must visit the store location to enter their mobile numbers on a tablet/phone provided at a kiosk to receive their game play links. They press the links in the text messages they receive to make each play into the promotion. Each week, new instant win prizes are available and participants returning to the store location receive another instant win chance and a sweepstakes entry.

Demo Instructions:

  1. Enter your mobile number and press SUBMIT.
  2. You will receive a game play link on your mobile phone via SMS.
  3. Click the game play link you receive and follow the instructions to experience the program.


  1. WIFI enabled tablet or mobile phone (optional LTE enabled tablet or mobile phone can be used at an additional cost for network access).
  2. Power source.
  3. Small footprint area.